John F

John F—(better known to his friends as J.T.) – is 31 years old, born November 1st, 1982. He was born in the state of Georgia to a military family. He had a normal family life and graduated high school in 2002, he was active in sports—playing both baseball and football.

After graduation from high school he joined job-core, and entered their vocational training program, and completed the facilities maintenance technician program. After job-core, he was in and out of the county jail 6 times for minor offenses—but at the same time he made several attempts to go to college.

After the Hurricane Katrina disaster, he was in Louisiana attending Louisiana Tech University in Baton Rouge, which gave him many opportunities to take advantage of his job-core training. He then attended I.T.T. Tech in Cordova, Tennessee, where he studied computer networking. He also attended Jackson State Community College.

After his last trip to the county jail, he met some of his girlfriend’s friends—and within four months he was arrested, jailed, and facing a capital murder trial. He was tried, convicted, and condemned to die in 2011, and arrived in Unit Two in May of that year.

In the 3 years that he has been in Unit Two, he has been taking advantage of the religious and social programs that are available to him. He joined the REACH Coalition in 2013, and currently works on the School-to-Prison Pipeline committee.



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