Gary C

“Walking back today, which is every day, I stop at the new sight of nature in this sterile confined area, and I am given the insight that even though the walls of pierced wire topped by razors glistening in the sun are perches for the descendants of the dinosaur, and some laws are not in the dusty drab books of cases of conduct taught in courts and condemned by carrion in black robes, but there is also the law of nature and behavior that is lived in the here and now of life and bravery and loss go with anodyne not given from leaps from hotel balconies but a drop from above…”

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“Socrates heads off to his conversations with the folks sent to Elysium while Zimmerman keeps a low profile forever in some undisclosed location.  Kind of a death penalty v LWOP weighing of the scales of blind justice.  Notice they never say she doesn’t hear the whispers of Trayvon…”

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“There’s more than one way to skin a cat, or so I’ve been told.  Foucault decided to do a service for the prisoners of France by introducing an outlet for the prisoners’ voices.  For this he gets a ton of heartache because of the way the questionnaire was written, the act of getting this to the prisoners is difficult as it is outlawed by the prison officials, and the bitching begins…”

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Read more about Foucault and the GIP here and here.

“He lay in the field of flowers, thick round pods below the petals.  The sky above was filled with the bright light seen in high country elevations.  From his vantage point, long stems, the green bulbs and the red and white flowers gave way to that distant cloud, slowly changing shape, and he noticing as if for the first time in a long while…”

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“My sliver of the world of art is based on curiosity.  Vermeer’s Officer and Laughing Girl for the light, Renoir and the boats on the stream with men in “boaters” and women in white radiance having a beautiful day, and Monet in the garden before his eyes dimmed to only memory…”

Continue reading Gary’s artist’s statement from Imagining Justice from the Inside Out.


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