Donald M

Hello!  My name is Donald.  I am 53 year old divorced Christian male, 5’9,” 215 lbs, with brown hair and hazel eyes.  I co-teach a Greek class on death row and I have had several works of art in exhibitions and books.  I have been on death row since I was 24, and I have had only one visit and nine letters from family.  I am looking for friends who will write and visit me.  If you are interested, please write to

More writing by Donald:

“Society wants to keep us alive, but not too much alive… because then we become like them, then we become like their neighbors, their postmen or the grocery sacker who sacks their groceries at the market, we become human with faces like them, human with hands and feet like them.  So they take away our humanity, our identity and replace it with a number; all the while saying this is what you are, you are nothing no less, nothing no more.  You are rejected as a who and are now a what…”

Continue reading A What.

“Some could say the drawing of my empty cell looks like progress, but it does not.  This empty cell is a cell on death row.  An empty cell on death row means society has shed more blood and created more victims… all in the name of justice…”

Continue reading The Empty Cell.


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