Derrick Q

“In order for a community to be healthy and prosperous, both the subjective and the objective values and mores have to co-exist in respect and appreciation.  When either the individual or the community exerts their subjectivity to the point that the legitimate needs and opinions of the subjective other are disrespected or ignored, therein lies the bedrock of tyranny and oppression.  Subjective wellness necessitates the concern for objective wellness and vice versa.  It is body politics at its core…”

Continue reading I Sought and Found My Balance.

“We are here to tell you that the current judicial process, encompassing Tennessee’s death penalty scheme, should not be classified as a “system.”  To classify it as a “system” would mean that it is a healthy and functionally fair entity.  We cannot reach such a conclusion.  It is clear to us that Tennessee’s current death penalty scheme is structurally biased against the poor and the disadvantaged, and that it has and will continue to only produce  convictions and sentences of death that are unreliable.”

Continue reading Authority (including the death penalty subcommittee’s six core recommendations for structural reform.)

Donald Ray,

If not but for the Pakistani thread count

We would be preparing today

To find you in the past tense;

Terrorized by a solitary cell

Where seizures attacked your sleep

And only luck prevailed

If someone heard your thrashings…”

Continue reading this poem.

Read more poetry by Derrick here and here.

Read his book, co-written with Farid Abd-Al-Rafi, entitled, Voices Through Stone.



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