Art Projects

Click on these links to explore visual art and music by members of REACH Coalition:

Imagining Justice from the Inside Out: Art from Death Row

An exhibition at Vanderbilt University’s Sarratt Gallery, January 16-February 14, 2013.  This project was made possible by an Innovation Grant from the Curb Center for Art, Enterprise & Public Policy.

Review by Laura Hutson for The Nashville Scene.
Review by Angelica Lasala for Inside Vandy.
Blog post by Lisa Guenther in The Prison Arts Coalition.
Blog Post on Solitary Watch.

Postcards From Death Row

A Collaborative Project of REACH Coalition and WUI Collective (2013).

Music from Tennessee’s Death Row

Contact the artists directly at:
Riverbend Maximum Security Institution
7475 Cockrill Bend Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37209-1048
Be sure to include their full name, inmate number, and cell number:
Abu Ali Abdur’Rahman, #117262
Unit 2, A-102
Akil Jahi, #221001
Unit 2, C-106
David Keen, #157703
Unit 2, C-106
David Duncan, #99054
Unit 2, C-109
Dennis Suttles, #109165
Unit 2, A-212
Derrick Quintero, #165463
Unit 2, D-204
Devin Banks, #345637
Unit 2, C-205
Don Johnson, #109031
Unit 2, B-213
Donald Middlebrooks, #129769
Unit 2, D-104
Gary Cone, #96618
Unit 2, B-208
Harold Wayne Nichols, #146457
Unit 2, A-104
Henry Hodges, #102143
Unit 2, D-110
Kennath Henderson, #250126
Unit 2, B-109
LeMaricus Davidson, #328954
Unit 2, C-101
Olen Hutchison, #144432
Unit 2, B-102
Oscar Smith, #136424
Unit 2, D-206
Richard Odom, #215639
Unit 2, B-104
Ron Cauthern, #120258
Unit 2, C-110

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