On Friendship

By Harold N.

Simone Weil says that friendship is a virtue, and Aristotle says that recognizing virtue in others is the basis of friendship.

I agree that there is a bond between virtue and friendship.  In Simone’s view, virtue is in the act of friendship, and Aristotle’s view only recognizes virtue in others.  My view however differs in that a friend is someone whose qualities—virtue only being a quality—I find admirable.  I will go one step further and say that a friend is someone whose qualities I hope others find in me.

I do believe, as Samuel Clemson once said, that “we are not who we are because we say we are.  If you want to know who you truly are, then listen as a friend describes you to someone else.”

So I say, choose your friends wisely!


About rethinkingprisons

Art, philosophy and activism from Tennessee's death row
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