Gallery Opening for Gifts: Unit 2 (part 3) on Feb. 1, 6-9pm

Gifts: Unit 2 (part 3)
February 1-22, 2014
Opening reception on February 1st, 6-9pm
Nostos Gallery, 58 Arcade
Nashville, TN 37207

Nostos Gallery is pleased to present Gifts: Unit 2 (part 3), an exhibition of works made by or in collaboration with prisoners living in Unit 2 (the death row unit) of the Riverbend Maximum Security Institution in Northwest Nashville.

This exhibition will be made up entirely of gifts for visitors to the gallery during opening night.  These objects—many knitted, many tooled in leather, many rendered in watercolor, pastel, or colored pencil—represent an effort by these prisoners to reach out from a social and political void using the modest tools they have at their disposal.  Their gesture raises the possibility that community—a community that is conjured and sustained through the gift—might extend beyond the walls of prison.  Their exhibition suggests that it might be possible, in spite of everything, to bring such a community into existence.

Some of the gifts will include suggestions for visitors.  In this way, the gift represents a hope to extend community as widely as possible and thereby to begin to address the conditions that deliver people to prison in the first place.

A photographer will be on hand to photograph recipients (if they consent) and/or their gifts, so their images might replace the objects they have taken away.

Gifts: Unit 2 (part 3) is the third in a series of exhibitions related to an ongoing collaboration between prisoners on death row and a group of artists and educators living in the Nashville area.

Prisoners involved in this project include Abu Ali Abdur’Rahman, Ron Cauthern, Tyrone Chalmers, Gary Cone, Marcus Davidson, David Duncan, John Freeland, Kennath Artez Henderson, Akil Jahi, Nikolaus Johnson, Donald Middlebrooks, Harold Wayne Nichols, and Derrick Quintero.

Collaborators on the outside that have participated in this project include Mika Agari, Justin Braun, Holly Carden, Ann Catherine Carter, Jessica Clay, Amy Clutter, Robert Grand, Kristi Hargrove, Kay Kennedy, Seth Lykins, Upreyl Mitchell, Robin Paris, Zack Rafuls, Sharon Stewart, Alanna Styer, Josh Ungurait, Moses Williams, Tom Williams, Weng Tze Yang, and Barbara Yontz.

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Art, philosophy and activism from Tennessee's death row
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